Journal Club

The next SUSS Journal Club meeting will be on Tuesday, May 30, 2017 at the RPA Institute of Academic Surgery from 6 – 7 pm. All are welcome. Sign up to the Journal Club mailing list to receive details of the papers being discussed.
Date Topic
September 2016 Swiss Cheese
October 2016 End of Year Special: Trauma
February 2017 Foetal Surgery
March 2017 Neurosurgery
April 2017 Global Surgery
May 2017 Plastics
June 2017 The Surgeon
July 2017     –
August 2017 Anaesthetics
September 2017 Peritonectomy & HIPEC
October 2017 Cardiac Surgery
November 2017 TBA
December 2017 TBA

SUSS October Journal Club: Cardiac Surgery

The theme of the October SUSS Journal Club is cardiac surgery. Our first presenter is Aran Kanagaratnam (stage 1 SMP student), who will present a clinical trial comparing transcatheter (TVAR) and surgical aortic-valve replacements. TAVR is a new therapy for patients...

SUSS September Journal Club: Peritonectomy and HIPEC

Thanks to everyone who joined us last month! The theme for the September SUSS Journal Club is Peritonectomy and HIPEC (Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy). Peritonectomy is a cytoreductive surgery to remove cancer from the peritoneal cavity. In the combined...

SUSS August Journal Club: Anaesthetics & Post-Op Complications

Journal Club is back!   The use of anaesthesia is common among all surgical specialties and involves the maintenance of normal physiology and avoidance of complications both during surgery and post-operatively. This month we will look at two trials researching...