Knee replacement X-ray

Post-operative X-rays of a total knee arthoplasty

In my first year of medical school in 2014 I became aware of some extra-curricular research opportunities made available through SUSS, working with an orthopaedic surgeon at Concord Repatriation General Hospital, Professor Warwick Bruce.

Even at this early stage of medical school I had an interest in orthopaedic surgery and had been considering pursuing this quite seriously. The research opportunity seemed like a good chance to develop my resume through scientific publications and conference presentations, as well as developing relationships and a network within the surgical community in Sydney.

The research project initially involved meeting with Professor Bruce and his fellow Dr. Yadin Levy in order to fine-tune the research project’s aims and scope. I was then able to go to Professor Bruce’s rooms in Sydney Olympic Park to complete data acquisition and for further consultation with Dr. Levy and Professor Bruce. After the data had been collected we were able to go through statistical analysis before completing the write-up process. Finally, we had the manuscript accepted for publication in the journal Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy.

The experience this extra-curricular research provided put me in really good stead for the ensuing MD project that is part of the degree. Having completed an Honours year previously, this opportunity provided further experience in statistical analysis as well as scientific writing. In addition to this, the research was accepted as a conference poster at the American Academy of Orthopedics Annual Scientific Congress in 2016, as well as a peer-reviewed journal publication. Great things for a resume!

By Chris Shean, Stage 3 Year 4 (2017)