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The Sydney University Surgical Society (SUSS) was formed in 2006 with the help and support of the University of Sydney’s Discipline of Surgery. It was initially formed by a group of medical students keen to encourage communication between surgeons and students to allow a forum for educational exchange and mentorship. Since then the society has evolved to include formal lectures, skills workshops, professional development seminars and face-to-face learning opportunities in the operating theatre.

While the society has a long history at the Medical Foundation Building at the University of Sydney, the Insitute of Academic Surgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is the home of the Society. The SUSS Skills Lab is a dedicated skills facility equipped with a wide range of surgical instruments where members can practice technical surgical skills. It is also the location of the executive’s offices.

Current Council

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Aims of the Society

  • To foster and promote surgical education for medical students at the University of Sydney and at other recognized institutions;
  • To foster and promote the development of the 9 surgical competencies outlined by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons, including technical expertise, medical expertise, clinical decision making, communication, collaboration, management and leadership, health advocacy, scholar and teacher, professionalism and ethics;
  • To promote and encourage communication between students and surgeons, with an emphasis on the establishment of educational exchange & mentorship;
  • To provide educational opportunities for students such as lectures, skills workshops, and experiences in operating theatres; and
  • To provide a social outlet for members and students with an interest in surgery.

Our Activities

  • Health advocacy events including fundraising for charitable surgical organisations and raising awareness of significant healthcare related issues
  • Practical skills sessions focused on developing technical skills
  • Surgical case conferences and presentations
  • Tutorials and lectures on content expected to be assessed in Surgical Science Examinations including a specific focus on Anatomy, Embryology, Pathology and Physiology
  • Anatomy teaching including lectures, tutorials, dissection events, and wet specimens
  • Fostering research and publishing findings in reputable journals and meetings at the state, 
national, or international level.
  • Developing teaching skills in society members so they can pass on their knowledge efficiently and appropriately.

SUSS Constitution

Download the Sydney University Surgical Society Constitution, current 2019.