This month the SUSS Journal Club will focus on Women in Surgery. Despite advances in gender equality in other specialties and occupations, there is still a gender divide in surgical training in Australia. While 50% of medical graduates are women only 12% of surgeons are female. There are significant hurdles encountered by women before and during training including lack of female role models, lifestyle factors, and discrimination. 
Cynthia Chang will discuss these barriers and their effect on applications for surgery training. Meredith Bibbings will then present a paper investigating gender differences in operative autonomy during cardiothoracic surgery training. 
Join us at the RPA Institute for Academic Surgery on Wednesday 17th October at 6pm. 
Presenters and Papers: 
Cynthia Chang 
Peel, J. K., Schlachta, C. M., & Alkhamesi, N. A. (2018). A systematic review of the factors affecting choice of surgery as a career. Can J Surg, 61(1), 58-67. DOI:10.1503/cjs.008217
Meredith Bibbings
Meyerson, S. L., Sternbach, J. M., Zwischenberger, J. B., & Bender, E. M. (2017). The Effect of Gender on Resident Autonomy in the Operating room. J Surg Educ, 74(6), e111-e118. DOI:10.1016/j.jsurg.2017.06.014
Event Details:
Date: Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time: 6pm- 7pm
Venue: RPA Institute of Academic Surgery, Cnr Brown & Missenden Rd Camperdown 2050