Stage 1 Suturing Workshops (23 and 30 June)

SUSS is excited to announce that we will be running our second Stage 1 Suturing Workshops for the year on the 23 and 30 June.

We will have some SRMOs at each session to introduce you more basic suturing skills (e.g. simple interrupted), with the opportunity to advance once you’ve mastered those!

It is a $2 donation to attend to cover the cost of sutures.

There will be a total of six 1-hour sessions run across two days with each session capable of accommodating up to 10 students. Due to the limited spots available and the tendency for these workshops to be oversubscribed, we ask that students only sign up for workshops on dates they are CERTAIN they are available. It isn’t fair to those who miss out on a place when we have empty spots during the workshops due to no-shows. If you do have to pull out from your allocated session, timely notification is appreciated and will allow us to reach out to students who are next in line.

Please register here.