SUSS October Journal Club: Women in Surgery

This month the SUSS Journal Club will focus on Women in Surgery. Despite advances in gender equality in other specialties and occupations, there is still a gender divide in surgical training in Australia. While 50% of medical graduates are women only 12% of surgeons are female. There are significant hurdles encountered by women before and during training including lack of female role models, lifestyle factors, and discrimination. 
Cynthia Chang will discuss these barriers and their effect on applications for surgery training. Meredith Bibbings will then present a paper investigating gender differences in operative autonomy during cardiothoracic surgery training. 
Join us at the RPA Institute for Academic Surgery on Wednesday 17th October at 6pm. 
Presenters and Papers: 
Cynthia Chang 
Peel, J. K., Schlachta, C. M., & Alkhamesi, N. A. (2018). A systematic review of the factors affecting choice of surgery as a career. Can J Surg, 61(1), 58-67. DOI:10.1503/cjs.008217
Meredith Bibbings
Meyerson, S. L., Sternbach, J. M., Zwischenberger, J. B., & Bender, E. M. (2017). The Effect of Gender on Resident Autonomy in the Operating room. J Surg Educ, 74(6), e111-e118. DOI:10.1016/j.jsurg.2017.06.014
Event Details:
Date: Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time: 6pm- 7pm
Venue: RPA Institute of Academic Surgery, Cnr Brown & Missenden Rd Camperdown 2050

Sharpy’s Surgical Revision Day 2018

This is an all-day intensive revision course on general surgery directed towards Year 3 and 4 medical students. It will be delivered by Dr Gary Sharp, a surgical registrar currently based in Dubbo – he will be flying in especially for this event! The day’s program will include a comprehensive review of general surgery with a focus on gastrointestinal surgical presentations, tailored to help stage 3 students prepare for the upcoming barrier exams.

Students from all stages are welcome, however, preference will be given to stage 3s.

Please register to secure your spot:

Tell your family you’ll donate – DonateLife Week 2018

Tell your family you’ll donate – DonateLife Week 2018

Sydney University Surgical Society will be holding a few events to promote organ and tissue donation awareness during DonateLife Week 2018.

More than 1,400 Australians are currently waitlisted for a transplant. One day, you could transform the lives of 10 or more people by becoming a donor. If you’ve decided about becoming a donor, you need to register your decision on the Australian Organ Donor Register and most importantly, discuss your donation wishes with your loved ones.

How you can get involved:

Thursday July 27: DonateLife Transplant Symposium

Friday, August 3: Free BBQ lunch on Eastern Avenue

Tuesday July 31 – Friday August 3: Information Stall on Eastern Avenue – drop by for a quick chat with us if you are interested to find out more about organ donation, enjoy some free popcorn and pick up free merchandise!

And ‘like’ the DonateLife at Sydney University Facebook page to stay updated on the week’s events and for insights into the medicine, science, and personal aspects of organ donation.

For further information, visit Remember – don’t wait till it’s too late, tell your family you’ll donate.

SUSS Annual General Meeting 2018

Dear Members,

Notice is hereby given for the Annual General Meeting of the Sydney University Surgical Society which will be held on the 5th July 2018 at 6pm in New Law School Lecture Theatre 104, at the University of Sydney. The agenda will include:

1) President’s Report

2) Constitutional Amendments
All motions must be sent to the Society Secretary by 21st June (Deanna Lee, In the interests of time, only motions with notice will be considered at the meeting.

The current constitution is available on the SUSS website at:

3) Elections
Nominations for positions will be taken from the floor or via proxy (see below). Candidates must be nominated by a third party, have their nomination seconded by another third party, and accept their nomination. Positions include and will be voted on in the following order:

Executive positions
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer

Committee positions
5. Research Officer
6. Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Officer
7. Skills Lab Coordinator
8. Community Officer
9. Stage 1 and 2 Representatives
10. Clinical School Representatives: 1 for each of Concord, RPA, Nepean, Northern, SAN, Westmead

We will be taking nominations from students who are unable to attend the event in person. However, if you can attend, please do so!

For a description of each position please see the SUSS constitution.

NB: In order to be nominated for, or elected to, the Presidential or Vice-Presidential positions, candidates must have previously served for a minimum of one year on the Council.

Process for nomination if you can’t attend:

Email the President, Stella Harris ( with your name, SMP Stage, the position you are running for, and *either* a written speech *or* a video file that can be read out or played at the AGM. In absentia nominations must be received before the 4th of July.

If you are sending a speech to be read out, please also include a passport-style photo of yourself, which will be displayed at the AGM so people know who they are voting for. Speeches should be no longer than 150 words for committee positions or 250 words for executive positions. Videos should be no longer than one minute for committee positions or two minutes for executive positions.

Please RSVP Via our Facebook event

Yours sincerely,

Stella Harris

Mental Illness, Burnout and Welfare in Surgery

Dr Mary Langcake

Dr Mary Langcake

MD, BSC(Hons; Biology & Immunology)

Director of Trauma at St George Hospital

Dr Lucy Wynter

Dr Lucy Wynter

MBBS, M. Bioethics, FRACP

Nephologist, SMP Wellbeing program designer.

Mental health is a topical issue in medicine, with many students, junior doctors, registrars and consultants experiencing burnout and suffering from mental illness. With suicide within the medical profession attracting the media spotlight in recent years, now is an important time to discuss mental health, how it affects us and what we can do to help ourselves and each other. This is especially true in surgery, with its demanding work hours and tough working conditions. This event is designed to discuss whether mental illness acts as a barrier to entering training programs and becoming a successful clinician.


Dr Mary Langcake is the Director of Trauma at St George Hospital and has been deployed as a military trauma surgeon with the RAAF in Afghanistan. She has a passion for training students and junior doctors and advocates for supporting those of us suffering from burnout and mental illness.


Dr Lucy Wynter is a nephrologist who has designed the Wellbeing Program for the SMP, an initiative to teach students about general wellbeing throughout medical training, destigmatise mental illness and help students of the Sydney Medical Program find help for ourselves and our friends.



Date: Friday 6th of July, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: New Law School Lecture Theatre 024